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Join a Paid Clinical Trial

View all of our current trials and treatments. Compensation up to $2,250 with access to new therapy options, otherwise not available. Study related care at  no cost.

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Which study to join? Once you sign up we will contact you to discuss what studies could benefit you. The service is private, protected and there is no fee.


We have several studies that offer Covid-19 vaccinations and treatments. Covid-19 Vaccine Studies help researchers fight against coronavirus! Compensation available.

Better Research for a Better Life

Specialized Care with
Highly Accredited Doctors

Our medical staff is highly trained with some of the most well-respected board-certified physicians in clinical research.

You will receive regular, closer monitoring of your condition throughout the study.

What's New

Dr. Kenneth Kim with Ark Clinical Research discusses Pfizer combo COVID flu vaccine development.

Access to New
Medical Treatments

Participants will get access to new therapy options, otherwise not available. If you have a condition that is not responding to treatment. We may have the solution. 

"I had the great pleasure of collaborating with Ark clinical research team far and away exceeded my expectations! If you're new to research, you'll learn a lot about studies from start up to finish. Pay is good compared to others. Their professionalism was evident not only in the quality of their work but in their quick responses to my never-ending emails, phone calls and office visits. I am so grateful for ARK Clinical Research."

R. Mcy

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