Have you ever thought about participating in a clinical trial? 


As a participant you will have the opportunity to help researchers move new better treatments forward. You will also get access to new therapy options, otherwise not available. Not only that, but you will receive regular, closer monitoring of your condition throughout the study. You may even be compensated!  


Check out our list of available studies to see if you qualify. If you have any questions, please contact us either by phone or through this site.

Currently Offering Covid-19 Testing

Ark Clinical Research is offering COVID-19 testing.  For a primer on the three types of tests available.  Click here (link to primer) We have 3 different kinds of tests available: 1) the PCR test is the CDC assay which received an EUA (emergency use authorization) and is being administered nationwide at hospitals. Turnaround for results will be within 48 hours typically.  2) The second test, is serology testing of  IgM and IgG levels and is EUA approved.   In addition, as supplies last, we offer a second antibody test, which has been validated by our partners but not EUA approved at no extra charge.  Results will be available within 15 minutes.   3) The third test is an antigen test, which also is EUA approved.  It is nasal swab and detects the presence of virus. Results will be available within 15 minutes.  Click here if you would like to schedule testing.

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