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Areas of Study



Having conducted over 600 respiratory clinical trials in multiple therapeutic areas, Ark is very familiar with the specific challenges that may arise while conducting respiratory research.   



As a clinical research site, we are fully capable of conducting first-in-human studies of novel and preventive and therapeutic approaches to address viral illnesses and other infections. 


Mental Health 

Mental Health refers to a person's cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being. The Ark staff aids in restoring a person's mental health and healthy behaviors through various therapeutic methods and devices.

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Internal Medicine

Ark Clinical Research’s staff of investigators and clinicians have a broad range of expertise in a number of specialties relating to the treatment of patients and conduct of clinical research in Internal Medicine. 



We understand the support and staffing that is needed to be successful in conducting pediatric clinical research in order to create an environment where quality is never compromised and parent and child comfort is paramount in the approach.


Healthy Volunteer

Healthy Volunteers are an integral part of the clinical research process. Conducting these types of trials is the first step in the process of clinical research. This part of the research process requires healthy people who are not diagnosed with the medical condition under study.  

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