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Healthy Volunteer


Healthy Volunteer Trials

Clinical research is how the treatments for any condition, disease, or illness are discovered.  It is critical that a drug be developed on a solid foundation. In fact, all study treatments a participant may receive have already completed many thorough rounds of testing. 

Prior to testing on patients diagnosed with the condition under study, all new medications, devices and therapies must undergo clinical trials on healthy volunteers.  Observing how a medication is processed in a healthy individual’s body is the only way for researchers to truly understand the new medication. 

Not all clinical testing on healthy volunteers involves taking medications.  In fact, some of this type of testing is completing surveys or having blood drawn. Study participants often learn new things about their health! Almost always, patients are paid to participate, but the exact stipend is dependent on the trial. Every medical treatment that exists started with a clinical trial. 


Modern medicine could not advance at all if it weren’t for clinical research. Consider that your participation in a clinical research study is not only as a valued volunteer– you are, more importantly, a philanthropist helping to make essential medical progress for generations to come!

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