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Pediatric Studies

At Ark Clinical Research it is our goal to create a safe and comfortable environment while advancing the medical treatment of children globally. We understand the importance of developing a relationship between parent and physicians, and recognize that parents make their decisions with the help of their families, friends, information sources, and their pediatricians. At Ark, we work to educate the parents on research and what is involved with participation in a pediatric clinical research study.

As new treatments are developed, we are fully aware of the significance of remembering that a child’s developing immune system and changes in the developmental period between infancy and young adulthood affect how drugs are processed. As a result, special care must be taken in the use of medicines for this age group with the necessary information to aide in the parent/guardian decision-making process.

Our specialists conduct thoughtful, quality Phase II through IV outpatient research in pediatrics. Our clinical research staff receives training on clinical trial execution, FDA regulations, and ICH and Good Clinical Practice guidelines. We offer quick and flexible turnaround for site feasibility, accurate patient enrollment goals, accessible and responsive investigators and staff, as well as quality processes to deliver complete and accurate data for pediatric clinical research studies.


At Ark Clinical Research we understand the support and staffing that is needed to be successful in conducting pediatric clinical research in order to create an environment where quality is never compromised and parent and child comfort is paramount in the approach. We can tailor the support and approach for your unique program to ensure your operational vision is implemented and guarantee a successful clinical program.

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