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What to Expect


Expect Professional Care

At Ark Clinical Research you can expect qualified and experienced doctors and staff to oversee the process of your clinical trial. We will communicate with you to be sure you are fully informed of the process and what to expect with your particular trial.


Your participation is voluntary and you can cancel your participation at any time.

Visits and Compensation

Depending on the type of study you maybe asked to return to the office at particular times to follow up on your progress. During your study, you will receive free study-related care and may be compensated for your time and travel. Compensation is listed with the available trials on our current trials page.

Why are clinical trials so important?

Clinical trials offer hope for people of all ages to prevent, detect and discover treatments for both acute and chronic illness and disease. Improving the quality of life with new treatments, new medications, and new medical devices is what makes participating so important.

Experienced in over 750 Trials
Ready to get Started?

You can review our current open trials page, fill out a quick free membership form or call our offices at (562) 997-1000 and we can help identify a current trial or one that may be happening in the future. Once you pre-qualify, we will arrange a screening and provide you with the information on your particular study and answer any questions that you may have.

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